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Our plans for PeerTube in 2023

We (Bonjour, we are Framasoft, a small French not-for-profit!) are proud to present our roadmap for the 2023 developments and side projects we have for PeerTube.

Please keep in mind that we have only one (1!) developer dedicated to PeerTube, as it is one of our 50+ projects.

Late February: PeerTube 5.1

  • Request an account (with admin approbation)
  • For develpoers: improvements on the external authentification plugin API (set quota, update user, etc.)
  • Optimiation of the retrieval of comments from a video
  • “Back to live” button in the video player
  • Improvements and bugfixes (related to a stress test in late December [FR])

May 2023: PeerTube 5.2

  • Remote transcoding (see this idea): reducing the power requirements of a PeerTube server by delegating power-hungry tasks to external machines.
  • Huge technical challenge (details are being worked out)
  • Will lower the CPU required for a PeerTube server by reporting CPU consuming tasks externally
  • Only for video uploads at first, but designed to be upgradable (e.g. for livestreams)

November-December 2023: PeerTube v6

All those features are inspired by your suggestions on our Let’s Improve PeerTube feedback tool.

All year long

  • Bug fixes, clean the code and improve architecture to prepare future works
  • Train an intern (Wicklow, who is already with us!) to experiment teamwork and familiarize more people with the core code
  • Support external and community-based development, such as the Live-Chat plugin
  • Work on our content curation and showcase platform (note the dot!)

Funded by donations

PeerTube, like all of our 50+ projects, is mainly funded through grassroots donations to our not for profit. On this roadmap, only the v5.2 Remote transcoding feature is already funded, thanks to an NLnet grand.

If you want to help us achieving this roadmap, please consider supporting us by contributing to PeerTube, sharing this information, and (if you can afford it), donating to Framasoft.

Who is behind PeerTube?

PeerTube is proposed by a French not-for-profit association: Framasoft

Created in 2004, the association is now dedicated to popular education on the challenges of the digital age and the cultural commons. Our small structure (38 including 10) is known the De-google-ify Internet project (16 ethical and alternative online tools) and for the development of PeerTube, Mobilizon, etc. Recognized as being of general interest Framasoft is funded at 93% by your donations, which are tax deductible for French taxpayers.

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Because freedom doesn’t mean it’s free…

Framasoft is responsible for the budgetary management and development of the project, among other things. Do you think we are going in the right direction? Then, if you have the desire and the means, we invite you to make a donation.

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In France, thanks to the tax deduction of 66%, your donation of €50 will cost you only €17.

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  • Recurring donations can be stopped anytime, just ask us.
  • If you want to modify your recurring donation, please contact us, we will stop the current one and you will be able to make a new one.
  • Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by postal mail in March/April 2024 (before tax declaration) for 2023 donations
  • Financial and activity reports can be found on the not-for-profit page
  • If you have more questions, you may find answers there